I make portrait pa­intings about gender struggles and femininity. Searching for my identity places me in an awkward situation. My figures express a heroic and climatic response. They stand alone, statuesque. I reimagine and restage them in their environment. I love to interview people and ask their life stories relating to their historical and social backgrounds.


I also make videos that deal with gender in a similar way to my paintings. I learn about my subjects by communicating with them. I realize myself through their experiences. Their life influences my future.


My eastern patriarchal culture, and growing up under a dictatorship, was something I was trying to get away from. I still feel trapped in a these western cities. Artificial Urban spaces makes me feel lost, so I paint people in a way that is not masculine or feminine. I chose queer people because they help me grasp my gender identity.


Some of them are professional performers on the stage. I empathize with them. Fluidity in oil paint results in creating fully expressive figures. I master brush strokes and colors. I expect the viewer to better their own reflection.