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I evaluate my role as a woman, what being a woman means in society. I paint the human body in an abstract way. I choose characters who also question their identity, as I grew up with traditional family values. Under a dictatorship, was something I was trying to get away from. Feeling trapped in western cities, queer people help me grasp my gender identity. 


I also make video work by interviewing people. I look for personal stories and human emotions. I learn about my subjects by identifying with their words.They are everyday people from my life. They are like me.  I want to save them as my memory. The figures are like statues surrounded by lights, trapped. The light means gender fluidity. Are we ever changing lights? The light represents both feminine and masculine. The characters and their background is interconnected.

My previous work dealt with gender roles, but in a binary way. I used digital collages to demonstrate juxtaposed gender roles. My new paintings are flexible. I use a method of calligraphy. Flowing brush strokes are my freedom. The photographs become cubistic. Echoing body movements emphasize their dreams. I learned  minimalism and socially engaged art. I match masculinity and femininity as similarities.  The viewer might see themselves in my art.

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