Mija October 2019 Statement: I am a man, within a woman.


I make portrait pa­intings about gender struggles and what femininity means. I love to interview people and ask their life stories relating to historical and social events.  The women in my paintings are emotional and intellectual. They stand alone, statuesque. I re-theatricalize their performance. My videos document their words and mannerisms.

My parents generation was under a dictatorship which runs through me. During the dictatorship, society become patriarchal. Women suffer more. Governments influence individual lives. I connect the unsolved history to the next generation.


Spontaneity increases during my interviews. It reveals each persons experience based on their life stories as they are connected to historical events. I immerse myself into the characters.

Some of them are professional performer on the stage. I see them through myself because I wanted to be in the spotlight. I chose fluidity in oil paint. I master brush strokes and color.  The viewer is encouraged to navigate through my created characters. I guide them into unknown worlds.

© 2019 mija Jung