Mija is a painter and video artist in New York and Berlin. She grew up in Gwangju, South Korea, a city rooted in the Korean democratic movement and the massacre of 1980. Her world perspective is reflected in the many colors of her paintings.


Her education began with the Korean minimalist masters of Hong ik university and later the American cultural activist Martha Rosler, while at Rutgers University. After experimenting with digital manipulation, she returned to painting. She interviews people connected to her historical background to research her future gender identity politics.


She shows her work internationally in numerous gallery exhibitions such as New York Arts Center, Robert Miller Gallery, New York; Socrates Sculpture Park, New York; Hyundai Gallery, Seoul; Kwanhoon Gallery, Seoul; Galerie Nord, Berlin; Galerie ARTQ13, Rome, to name a few. She is a recipient of the Ellis Elizabeth Scholarship in the United States, as well as MBC Grand Art Award, Seoul, Korea.